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Hi I'm Ana, founder of early years thriving. I am an experienced speaker, workshop facilitator, and educational consultant. In recent years I focused my work on supporting Educators who want to learn to create and facilitate their own online learning content (workshops, webinars, online courses). 

If you (an individual or organization) want to work with me to help you create online educational content (workshops, webinars, courses, learning library, onboard training, etc) please visit my personal website to learn more: anavallerivera.com

Below you will find a list of Certified Workshop Facilitators. These facilitators graduated from my Workshop Facilitator Training Program and facilitated their ECE workshop for the Early Years Thriving Community.

Feel free to reach out to them directly if you want to work with them!

Carli Miller

Carli Miller is the manager at a 3-5 child care program. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria. She is passionate about sharing information about early childhood with other educators in the ECE world.

Email: millercarliann@gmail.com

Lobna Ajaini

Lobna Ajaini is an Early Childhood Leader with Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Degree, and an Early Childhood Education Diploma from Sheridan College. She is a multi-award-winning educator who received the 2022 Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Research Award, the 2019 Sylvia Leal Leadership Award, and the 2016 Davis Campus Commemorative Award. She currently works as a Family Support Facilitator at EarlyON Child/Family Centre and after school Program Director. She is passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). She values lifelong learning and facilitating workshops for educators.

Email: lobnafrench@gmail.com

Rita Tapia

Rita has been an ECE for over 20 years, supporting families by facilitating playgroups and parenting workshops. She is a mother of 4, ages ranging between 3 and 16, and this has given her the opportunity to navigate parenting throughout different changes in pedagogies and parenting best practices. She absolutely enjoys teaching Infant massage and preschool yoga. She has recently embarked in facilitating workshops in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion area.

Email: ritatapia@rogers.com

Chris Yin Ren

Chris is a mother of two and Early Childhood Educator who currently works with children in a licensed group child care setting. Chris has a master of Education from Simon Fraser University and she worked as a Chinese teacher in the Vancouver area for 8 years. Chris successfully completed the Workshop Facilitator Training Program in March 2023 and she facilitated her workshop "Building bridges with newcomer and Chinese immigrant families" with Early Years Thriving.

Email: chrisrenyin@gmail.com

All of the facilitators listed on this page are graduates of our Workshop Facilitator Training Program and have successfully facilitated a live workshop for the Early Years Thriving community.

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