About Early Years Thriving

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide meaningful learning opportunities to Big People (Early Childhood Educators, Early Years Professionals, Teachers and Parents) to give them inspiration, hope, practical tools and strategies to help them thrive and help the children they care for to thrive. 


We believe that when Big People are well supported, with information, hope, and connection, then they are able to be the best person they can be for the children who need them the most.

We don't expect all children to learn the same way, why would we expect all adults to learn the same? 

At Early Years Thriving we strive to be relatable and support various modes of learning because we acknowledge that every caregiver has a unique learning style. We hope to support as many caregivers as possible.

For this reason, we offer a wide range of workshop topics that can be presented in a variety of structures from a community of practice to self-paced options. 

Regardless of learning styles, what is really at the heart of any positive change is the ability to reflect and the ability to make better choices.

Core Values


To feel respected, safe, and honoured for who they are, their competencies, creativity, and uniqueness so that they feel empowered to discover their world.


To make meaning of their world and relationships so that they develop a strong sense of self-determination, wellness, compassion, and social responsibility. 


To feel confident in their educator or caregiver's ability to help them grow through challenges in a way that is relationship-based, gentle, and equitable.

About Our Founder

Ana Valle Rivera started working in childcare in 2007 in East Vancouver, British Columbia. She holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Douglas Collegea Bachelor's Degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria, and is currently completing a Master of Professional Education in ECE through Western University. 

As a workshop facilitator, Ana works with child care programs, school districts, and various Child Care Resource & Referral programs to engage in collaborative learning. Ana also works as a private educational consultant and pedagogical leader on research and contract projects. 

Ana is also a children’s book author and a parent of three young children. 

Are you interested in working directly with Ana or hiring her as a speaker?

Ana is an experienced ECE workshop facilitator and public speaker. She has presented hundreds of workshops to parents and thousands of educators. 

Learn more about working with Ana here: www.anavallerivera.com

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